Friday Five

1. It’s hard for me to find products that work for my skin because my skin is so easily irritated. This is why I am usually very hesitant to work with skincare companies or test out new skin care without doing extensive research on the products. With that said, I’ve sworn by Caudalie’s detox mask for a while now and can truly say that it is genuinely one of the masks that makes my skin look the best the next day, so when they reached out to me to send over some products you could just imagine how excited I was about it.

So far the new products I’ve tried from them are the following

Glycolic peel : Great for removing layer of dead skin and revealing brighter more even skin. it is also very gentle compared to other chemical exfoliants I’ve tried so it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Beauty elixir : One of my absolute favorites so far, this stuff makes my skin so plump and hydrated, my skin really loves this stuff. I spray it on right after cleansing and to set my makeup and it seriously makes my makeup look soooo much better & makes my face feel so smooth.

Vinosource moisturizing sorebet  : Such a great lightweight yet very hydrating moisturizer, you can use it for both daytime and nighttime use. However, I prefer this one for daytime.

Premier cru the serum: I think this is the product that has made the biggest difference in my skin in the shortest amount of time, honestly this is a little bit of magic in a bottle. I apply this at night after cleansing and my skin looks so plump and even the next morning, it also feels EXTREMELY soft.

Premier cru cream: I’ve been applying this at night right after the serum and while it is not the heaviest moisturizer out there it sufficiently hydrates and moisturizes my skin and I think that it boosts the results of the serum.

Overall, I am so happy with the way my skin has been looking since I incorporated these products into my routine and I will definitely be repurchasing some of them once I run out.

2. As most of you may know I absolutely love the Glossier You perfume so I am so excited that they came out with something so innovative and travel friendly, the solid form! I can just slip this into my purse and have it with me on the go and it is so fun to put on. It is basically a solidified balm that you rub your fingers on and can just put on your skin, surprisingly it does a very good job at transferring the scent onto your skin, just as if you were to have sprayed it on.

You can receive 20% off your first glossier order by shopping with me HERE

3. The TV show that has been consuming my life lately is Outlander. If you guys ever read my post on finding inspiration you would know that one of my main sources of inspiration is television, specifically shows or movies that speak to my aesthetic. I definitely recommend you give it a watch if you have not seen it, I still haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s a really great show and a beautiful innovative story.

4. Mejuri is launching their latest “boyfriend collection” on Monday the 19th and I’m really loving how bold yet minimal this piece is. I really appreciate pieces that you can just throw on and go and you don’t really have to think much about it because it makes a statement all on it’s own.

There is limited stock on this collection so be sure to sign up for early access HERE

5. We are going to start working on our faux fireplace soon and here are some inspo pictures that have been hyping me up to get started on this project.

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Stefano Dorata interior design
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