Power Suit Trend

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not but menswear-inspired fashion is very on trend right now. While I do love the trend, I’m not entirely sure it’s here to stay for a long time so I decided to go into my closet and replicate the look with some of my favorite pieces.

It’s difficult for me to find a blazer that I absolutely love because most of them either have shoulder padding, are too boxy or fall at an awkward length for me. I prefer long lined blazers that are a bit more fitted for a more feminine look. I use to own SO many blazers and I donated every single one of them so I am pretty hesitant to spend money on one that I’m not head over heals for, until then I will have to improvise.

I used one of my favorite trench coats to get the look I was going for. I love the fact that this trench isn’t stiff, it’s very light and flowy so I can manipulate the shape and the sleeves to get whatever look I want.

I feel as though belts at the waist are VERY hit or miss but I am obsessed with the way they look cinching oversized coats or blazers, I think that despite the coat being pretty masculine, the belt at the waist brings back that femininity and elegance. This belt actually isn’t meant for the waist but I love the way it looks all twisted like so, I think it adds interest.

I went with a nude shirt underneath so that it gives the appearance that I’m not wearing anything and I liked how the cut of this tank is very low so that, again, it brings back a little femininity.

I went with one of my favorite bags from sezane and my Steve Madden Chelsea booties.

To finish up the look, I paired the coat with my black Levis wedgie fit jeans to give the appearance of a matching suit. I love how these jeans are slightly more straight legged as opposed to very skinny, again, this helps mimic the appearance of matching pants to my “suit”.




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