Friday Five

1. It is no surprise that I have a serious love for candles and it is even less of a surprise that PF Candle Co happens to be one of my favorite candle companies. They were kind enough to send me their latest scent Piñon last month to test out prior to their launch on August 15th. It really amazes me how they top their previous scents every time. You think, there’s no way they can make another scent as good as their current collection but yes, yes they could… & they did. Personally, I love warm, some-what masculine scents that are still fresh and not over-bearing and that is exactly what this candle smells like. It has the perfect hint of both warmth and freshness, I cannot stop burning it. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and am already almost half way. Really recommend this brand if you’re looking for candles and definitely be on the lookout for their launch on Tuesday the 15th.

2. This week I received a lovely package from Saturday Skin. They were kind enough to send me their balancing act skin smoothing lotion, which I use during the day, their feather weight daily moisturizer, which I use at night and their hydrating masks, which are probably the best hydrating sheet masks I’ve every tried. I’ve only tried them for a couple of days but so far my dry skin is LOVING everything.

3. If you guys follow me on IG you have probably already seen this little beauty from Hieleven. So in love, I really appreciate bags that remain small and compact but still have some kind of compartmentalization. It helps me keep everything organized. I also can’t get over the design, I’ve been really into circular designs lately and I love how simple the ring on this is, yet it still makes a statement. It reminds me of Chloe bags, which I love, but can’t justify purchasing at the moment.

4. Say hello to my new favorite powder! I’ve only had this powder for a couple of days but it doesn’t take very long for me to determine if a powder works for me or not. I use this all over my face and underneath my eyes and it works perfectly, despite the fact that I have dry skin. It does not crease or look cakey. It just melts into the skin and helps your makeup last all day. Stay tuned for an upcoming video of this little guy in action.

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5. Not sure if you guys noticed but I changed my blog this week. Not only did I change the theme but I actually moved on over to the wonderful world of WordPress. I started my blogspot many, many moons ago and it worked well for all of these years but I needed more control & customization and I feel as though WordPress delivers that. Pretty excited to expand my horizons.

See you all next week! xx



  1. August 11, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    The updated website design looks great! I’ve been loving your friday five posts…

    • gemary
      August 11, 2017 / 9:14 pm

      Awe thank you so much! Glad you like the new design and these Friday Five posts ☺️❤️

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