Friday Five

1. If it’s one thing I love in jewelry, (or anything, really) aside from simplicity in design, it’s innovation. Coordinates Collection makes custom jewelry with whatever coordinates you want on them. The idea is quite simple but I absolutely love how they got something as simple as dainty jewelry and turned it into something more meaningful.

From the coordinates of the place you fell in love or got engaged,  to your favorite place in the world, the options are endless. I absolutely love this idea and I think it’s the perfect gift for anyone.. or even yourself.

On mine I have the coordinates of Venice, Italy. So far my favorite city I’ve ever visited. Every time I wear this bracelet I think back to the best wine and coffee I’ve ever tasted and those maze-like walks in search of gelato.

Very happy to be collaborating with this company, they were kind enough to offer you guys 15% off their website with the code GEMARY15 

2. Tried this tofu stir-fry recipe out this week and my boyfriend & I absolutely love it. Seriously takes me less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook and it tastes soooo good.  Definitely recommend for those of you that are looking for good sources of protein with no cholesterol and a low amount of carbs in plant-based diets or in any diet really .

Aside from protein, it’s a great source of iron, calcium, a bit of magnesium & small amounts of a ton of other vitamins & minerals that keep many problems such as aging & hair loss at bay. Studies show that soy, which is the main ingredient in tofu, reduces the risk of several diseases such as diabetes, breast & prostate cancer. The benefit list just goes on.

3. I think most of us don’t realize how big of an influence aesthetic has on our lives. The way something looks can persuade you, it can make you feel something or do something. When you buy a cute gym outfit you’re more inclined  to go to the gym because you want to wear your new gear. When you buy a pretty journal you want to write in it, even if you have nothing to write you just want to. Same goes for when you have a cool looking water bottle lol… what? you didn’t see that one coming?

I don’t know about you but despite me preaching about how important it is to drink water all of the time I sometimes have a difficult time drinking enough of it throughout the day myself. I’ve found that, for one, I need to have a water bottle filled with water at all times so that it’s easily accessible to me and secondly, it needs to look good. This sounds stupid, I know, but it really does work for me.

I got this water bottle on amazon after searching for a vacuum, sweat-proof bottle for a ridiculous amount of time… (I have issues) & so far I’m in love with it. It keeps my water cold through the night, it’s freaking huge and doesn’t condensate on my tables, win/win/win… it also comes with a sports cap for easier drinking. Now as far as “aesthetic” that is totally relative lol. It kind of looks like a torpedo on my vanity now that I look at it but I think it looks pretty cool & I’m drinking much more water soooo it gets the job done 😂

BTW none of this is sponsored lmao 

4. Got this palette earlier this week and so far I’m really loving it. At first glance the color of the blush looks a bit scary (in person) and definitely not something I gravitate towards but on the cheeks it is absolutely beautiful and shows up very well. The bronzer is also gorgeous! I am pretty picky when it comes to bronzer shades because most of them show up pretty orange on my skin but this one is the perfect color. The highlight is also so beautiful! Everything is very pigmented and translates gorgeously on the skin. Obsessed. 


Don’t confuse those who live a little simpler to lack ambition. Sometimes those who live simpler lives live happier lives than people who have so much more than them materialistically. The difference between these two types of people is not their ambition or determination, the difference lies in how high up materialistic things sit in their list of priorities. 

I remember being younger and wanting all of the wrong things, it wasn’t till I became an adult and realized that the people who I aspired to be like were actually miserable because they had this false notion that having more was everything. This isn’t to say that having a lot will make you unhappy, there is just a difference between having a lot because you worked for it and NEEDING or OBSESSING over having a lot and making materialistic things or money your number one priority. 

Once you learn how to separate these two and shift your priorities a bit, you will surely see the world a little differently. 

See you all next week. xx



  1. August 4, 2017 / 4:38 pm

    loving the custom jewellery! thank you for this post

    • August 5, 2017 / 1:58 am

      Thanks lovely, glad you like it 🙂

  2. August 7, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    I love that quote! It's so true! ❤️

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