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Candle holders from H&M Home with two tapered candles

I really can’t get enough of candles. I think I would actually prefer getting a candle as a gift than a perfume. Aside from the obvious fact that they can make an entire room smell good I really enjoy decorating with them. whether you’ve got a stack of books, magazines, or just an empty table, candles will tie everything together and make everything look and feel much more cozy.

One of my favorite candles at the moment is this candle by Le Labo in Palo Santo 14

I know that this isn’t the cheapest candle but I find that out of all of the candles that I own I have to burn this one for the least amount of time in order to get my entire living room to smell good, takes about 5-10 minutes for the area to smell amazing so you really do get your moneys worth… but on top of everything how gorgeous does it look?

If you follow me on just about any social media you would know that I absolutely love Pf Candle Co. I love the simplicity of their design and I have yet to try a candle from them that I do not like. This candle in Piñon was actually just released this Tuesday August 15th and it is my favorite scent from them so far. Smells masculine, warm and fresh all at the same time, which is my favorite combination of scents for my home.

Another one of their scents that I really love & is still a favorite is black fig 

Again, it is a very warm earthy scent which I also find very calming due to it’s hints of lavender.

Paddywax apothecary chamomile & fig

Speaking of fig this is one of my first candles and I have repurchased it numerous times already. I really love the apothecary-esq bottle.. if you haven’t noticed by now I have a thing for vintage looking bottles. Again, aside from how it looks it is a beautiful scent and one of the lighter/fresher scents that I own.

H&M black oak candle

If you guys are in the market for VERY inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing candles please do yourself a favor and take a look at H&M Home’s candles. 

This candle is slightly softer than the other candles I mentioned and not as potent but still a very nice scent and they last quite a long time despite how inexpensive they are.

Manly Indulgence Candle in Midnight

This is my newest candle but it has already become one of my favorites. It is pretty big and only cost me $7.99 at marshalls so definitely check out marshalls candle section!

This stuff is pretty potent as well but not overbearing at all and it smells very masculine and brings so much warmth to a space. I absolutely love it and have gotten nothing but compliments from everyone who walks in.

Finally, I have this candle by mine design  in cucumber mint at the entrance of my home.

This candle isn’t exactly the warmest candle but it is so perfect for hot summer days. Really reminds me of summer so I usually burn this one earlier in the day. A lot of people hate it when the glass gets stained like this but I actually like it. I think it makes things look a little more rustic and less perfect.


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