Summer Lip Products I’m Loving

Here are the ONLY lip products I’ve been using and loving this summer. I just opened up my vanity  and went through my summer bags and grabbed everything that I’ve been using and loving lately.

1. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi: Probably one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. It is just the most perfect brownish-nude with a slight hint of burnt orange, I just gravitate toward this color. It is my favorite kind of nude. Aside from the color, NYX soft matte lip creams are one of my favorite formulas because they appear matte on the lips but they do not leave your lips dry at all.

2. Glossier lipgloss: I’ve mentioned this little guy so much already despite the short period of time that I’ve actually owned it. It is seriously my favorite lipgloss at the moment. I kid you not, this stuff makes your lips look like glass, so beautiful. It doesn’t have any color to it at all but it is probably the most flattering lip product that I own.

3. Nars Lipgloss in Striptease: Oldie but a goodie, I pull this out every single spring and summer. This is the perfect peachy nude color with the most stunning hint of gold shimmer. It looks so beautiful on the lips.

4. Glossier generation G in cake: This is very similar in color to Abu Dhabi but it lasts a lot longer and is a bit more pigmented on the lips than the NYX lip cream. Again, that same brownish-nude with a hint of burnt orange, kind of looks like you’ve been eating spaghetti but in the prettiest way lol. In love with this color and the formula.

5. Nivea smoothness spf 15 chapstick: Surprisingly, I never really talk about this chapstick but it has always been my go-to. A lot of people mention the importance of spf on your face and body but more often than not everyone forgets to mention how important it is for your lips as well. I have about 5 of these at all times, one is in my vanity, one in almost all of my purses, in my bathroom, somewhere in my miscellaneous kitchen drawer… EVERYWHERE. I have dry lips and this is my savior. It is not a thick formula at all so you might have to re-apply is often but I just love the way this feels on the lips and it works great underneath lipsticks or lipliner.

6. Fresh sugar lip treatment spf 15: This is my go-to for whenever I am going to the beach or the pool. It stays in my beach bag and it is another long time love of mine. This stuff is EXTREMELY moisturizing. I don’t use it as much as my Nivea chapstick because it is pretty expensive but I always end up repurchasing it when I run out because it just leaves my lips feeling so nourished.

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