Friday Five

1. Zaful was nice enough to send me a very generous package this week.  There may or may not be a haul coming very soon where I’ll be addressing my thoughts on the company and what I think about the clothes.


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2. Tried this baby out this week and really love it. After reading reviews I decided to get it and I agree with everything everyone said. It’s really different from any mask I’ve ever tried before. The best way I could describe it is it’s kind of like putting a conditioning hair mask on your face lol. It feels like an emollient conditioner and it kind of works like one in a sense. It does such a good job and hydrating, evening out my skin tone and making my face feel more plump.

Don’t forget you can receive 20% off your first glossier order by shopping with me. 

3. This hair mask has been my go-to lately, I mentioned it in my summer essentials video. It leaves my hair sooooo soft and shiny after styling it. Most importantly, it doesn’t weigh my hair down which is always the problem I have with very potent hair masks.

4.  This week we went and picked up all of the stuff to build our closet! ( I’m sure I’ll make more trips once we start building but for now that’s what we got) Finally!!!!! The majority of my clothes is still at my mom’s house and I only have a rack of clothes here and a couple of drawers in our dresser which is suppose to be a media console lol. I actually like having a smaller selection of clothing, makes things less overwhelming when it comes to picking out outfits but my shoessss, I need my shoes to be with me already, they have been too far from me for too long.

It’s still all sitting in our bedroom floor at the moment because we haven’t had a chance to build it but hopefully we will set everything up this weekend and of course… I’ll be documenting the entire process and I will do a more detailed post once it is finished. I went with the Ikea Algot system. I am a big advocate for Ikea’s closet systems, I use to have the pax system in my old closet and absolutely loved it but unfortunately that doesn’t fit in our new closet so we had to pick a system that caters to smaller spaces.

5. Quote of the day. Sure, it’s corny but sometimes we need these corny quotes to keep us in check. More often than not we fail to truly acknowledge ourselves.  We compare ourselves to others, their lives, their situations and we completely forget to notice & value ourselves. How far we’ve come, what we have accomplished, our talents, our strengths. 

Forget about what anyone else is doing, worry about yourself, dedicate time to yourself, improve yourself and most importantly appreciate yourself for everything that you are, because if you don’t who the hell else will? 

xx. See you next week. 


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