Friday Five

1.  If you guys saw my last post you would’ve probably seen me rant about Eucalyptus and how I’m really digging the trend going on right now. Well, this week I picked some up & I’m going to have such a difficult time picking anything else for next time because these puppies make the house smell SOOOO good. Plus, they remind me of my child hood because my mom would always have these all around the house and she would dry them out using hairspray and hang them upside down in the towel closet, lol, good ol’ days.

I paired them with some branches that kind of look like olive branches but the florist said they were something else, “rose”-something… can’t remember the name of them for the life of me, way to go Gemary -.-.. you had one job kiddo.

2. My little corner: I got a new vanity! The drawer consists of everything that was in my old vanity, you can see my old vanity tour video HERE.  This is actually a mini desk but I decided to make it my vanity to get ready each morning, so it is conveniently next to my bed & it matches perfectly with our nightstand on the other side of the bed. I don’t have a chair for it yet so I’ve been using an old, beat up plastic chair that actually came with the house until I find the perfect little bench/vanity stool that isn’t hundreds of freaking dollars.

3. Man, I love Tim Burton and everything he has created… and no, I’m not saying that in a tacky, cult following, “omg I love TB… but have only seen one of his movies” kind of way. I grew up on his movies. My dad & I use to live off of his films.  I don’t fan-girl over much but I will lose it if I ever meet him.

I watched Edward scissorhands, for like the millionth time, again this week which is what made me  include this in this weeks post. Also, I came across this article, which I absolutely loved, where they turned some classic Disney animated movies into a Tim Burton-like cartoon.

4. I feel like I talk about this brand a lot, yes I am a rep for them but I promise you that there is a lot more that compels me to post about Glossier so often. For starters, I cannot resist their packaging, seriously the cutest packaging in the game but most importantly I have not tried a product from them that I do not like, my skin really loves their stuff.

I try something new from them every month so that I can be able to share my experience with you and educate myself a little more on each of their products first-hand & the more I try, the more I fall in love. I almost own every single one of their products, which is a first for me with any brand, and I’m genuinely interested in owning the entire line because they’re just that good.

This month I got their super bounce serum and lip gloss, I just received it yesterday so I can’t write a review just yet but I already tried the lipgloss and really like the consistency of it. If I end up loving them, which I’m pretty sure I will, then they’ll most likely make it to my June favorites video at the end of the month and I’ll share my review there.

Get 20% off by shopping through my rep link. HERE

5.  If you don’t follow fredericforest on IG I think you definitely should. I’ve never really been into art despite how much I love to draw but recently that has changed & I have really learned to appreciate it. Frederic is part of the reason I have fallen in love with very simple, minimal art like the one above. Everything he represents in his drawings is so unique & beautiful.



  1. Erin
    May 2, 2019 / 12:15 am

    Where is that beautiful bedside table from?

  2. Megan
    June 2, 2019 / 12:20 am

    I love your bed frame! Where’d you get it?

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