Friday Five

1. New on the desk. How cute is this little guy? I’ve always wanted a little wooden manikin… not sure why, I just really like how they look lol.  Plus you can move his arms and legs. He has already mastered a couple of ballet poses and dabbed here and there. 

2. Natural gas was finally installed in my house yesterday. I moved in the beginning of April and have not been able to use my stove or oven because I had to re-new all of the gas piping in my house and put in a meter.  Essentially, I had my stove sitting there looking pretty but I couldn’t use it. I had been cooking out of a portable electric pan which worked well but really limited what I could cook.

It was a long, annoying process & I could’ve just stuck to using an electric stove but I really had my heart set on a gas stove/oven, plus it’s more energy efficient.

I’ve already cooked on it (not just the coffee lol)  and OH MY LORD where has this baby been my whole life?  I never knew how much one could love an appliance until now. Let’s see if this will inspire me to make some food posts.

3. Say hello to the newest member of the family. My brand new Fiddle Leaf Fig. My mom bought me this beauty yesterday and I’m already in love. This is my second fiddle leaf, the first one I had unfortunately caught a bug and despite many attempts to save it, it just wouldn’t prosper. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly this time around.

I already ordered a stand for it, now I just need to find a nice planter. I’m really trying to get out of my terra-cotta plant pot comfort-zone and venture out to a nice white ceramic pot but so far I haven’t really found one that I like that isn’t ridiculously overpriced, its a freaking plant pot for crying out loud!

Let’s see what I end up with.

4. If you saw my May Favorites video you would’ve seen me talk about the halo top birthday cake flavored ice-cream. Well, I went grocery shopping this week and the publix by my new house is pretty much halotop heaven, I genuinely gasped when I opened the freezer. I tried the peanut butter cup flavor and If you guys like reeses’s peanut butter cups… STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING & go try this stuff out.  Thank me later, I’ll wait right here.

5. This has been my quote of the week.. or a lifetime. #realism.

See you all next week. xx


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