Minimal Gift Guide 2016

Here is a minimal gift guide for those of you that need help finding the perfect gift for someone. I own & really love most of the products mentioned & I think they are perfect gifts. As for the things that I do not own yet, … I wish I did & I’d be pretty happy if someone got them for me so I decided to include it in here. 

1. Watch: Pictured is a Nicole Vienna watch but I think any watch with a similar style will be a great gift. You cannot go wrong with a watch for a watch lover. I currently own two Nicole Vienna Watches and absolutely love them. They are not extremely expensive but great quality. 

[ Special mention ]: Daniel Wellington, The Horse and Larsson & Jennings make beautiful watches as well. 

2. Mophie power station: If you’re anything like me, you probably run out of phone battery very often. I own a couple of portable battery chargers but they do not hold more than 1 charge & again, if you’re ANYTHING like me you hate charging those damn things. For the amount of power it takes to charge devices now adays you definitely need a good portable battery if you want to get more than 1 complete charge. I don’t currently own this one but I’ve heard good things about it. However, It is a bit on the pricier side, if you’re looking for something more affordable I’ve also heard this one does the job.

3. Planner: If you’re gifting for someone who appreciates stationary & loves journals/planners then what better gift to give than a cute minimal planner? 

4. Iphone case: Who doesn’t love a new iPhone case? These clear ones are my favorite & sonix makes some of the cutest ones. 

5. Letter board: If you’re gifting for someone that appreciates quotes, then look no further!! I have had this board on my wishlist for a VERY long time & I think it’ll be the perfect gift for just about anyone. 

6. Wireless headphones: With technology advancing quickly I think this would be the perfect gift for just about anyone. I actually need a pair myself. I go to the gym & feel like a dinosaur with my plugged in headphones while everyone else is rocking the latest wireless gadgets. These are more affordable than the powerbeats (which are great) but I think these are more aesthetically pleasing.

7. PF candle co: If you follow me on just about any social media platform, chances are you’ve heard me talk about these candles. There is a reason why I am constantly talking about them, they’re the best. Sure there are a million other candle companies that makes cute candles, but very rarely do you come across one’s that have nice packaging, are potent & affordable. These also come with a single wick instead of three. 

8. Le labo fragrance: Going to be honest here, I just realllllllly love the packaging on these lol ( Havent tried but heard great things). The reason I decided to include this extremely expensive fragrance is because maybe you’re willing to spend a little more on the person & these fragrances can be personalized ( personalized scent & they can put the person’s name on the bottle!) not a big deal for some but I think that’s a nice touch & awesome for gifting. If you’re not willing to spend that much then these little travel sized one’s are great as well. 

9. Mario Badescu rose spray: AKA best $7 you’ll ever spend! I have gone through countless bottles and I never go without a backup. I use it right after I wash my face during the day as a toner and absolutely love it. 

10. Lush bath bombs: If the person has a bath tub then you really can’t go wrong with bath bombs! 

11. Elephant ring holder: I have a similar one myself and really love it, before I had one of these I was always misplacing my rings! 

12. Macrame wall hanging: I think this is such a beautiful decorative piece that will go perfectly in any room. I have been wanting one for a very long time & I think it’ll be such a perfect gift especially for home-owners.

13. Polaroid camera: If you’re gifting for a photography lover then I can almost guarantee they will love this gift! I have one myself and absolutely love it. 

14. Le labo candle: If you’re gifting for a hard-core candle lover & are willing to spend a bit more on them then I think they will love this candle. It’s just as pretty as the diptyque candles that everyone raves about but a bit more affordable. 

15. Nyx soft matte lip creams: If the person loves lipsticks then just give them a whole bag of these lipsticks and they will love you forever. I own almost every color & cannot get enough of them, they are super affordable and the formula is great!



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