5 Fall Beauty Trends I’m Loving

Eyeshadow Faux Wings

Here are five of my current favorite Fall makeup trends.

To be honest I wear most of these throughout the entire year but for the most part they are very fall appropriate. 

The first Trend that I’m loving is a more unique twist to the traditional wing. While I do still love a good ol’ liquid liner wing, I’ve found myself doing nothing but smokey wings lately. It’s so much easier and forgiving than liquid liner… not to mention less stressful. 

Using different colored cream eyeliners or eyeshadows to make a wing also gives the most beautiful effect.

Camel or Warm-Toned Very Blown-out Smokey Eye

My favorite kind of smokey looks are the extremely blow-out ones. I think there is something so beautiful in an effortless look.. the kind where you don’t look like you spent 2 hours on your makeup… when you probably did. 

I think camel is my favorite color eyeshadow so of course I had to pick a camel colored look but any warm toned look looks so beautiful during the fall season. 

Mauve or Berry-Toned blush

I think my favorite part of fall is digging into my makeup drawers and pulling out all of my mauve or berry-toned blushes. 

My current favorite is mood exposure by Hourglass and pink chocolate by amazing cosmetics. 

Extremely highlighted Inner-corners. 

I never use to highlight my inner corners & I always wondered why my eye makeup never popped. Now I know! This is a must in order to make your eyeshadow look more put together. 

Aside from a subtle highlight however, Ive been enjoying going slightly overboard and making more of a statement with my inner corner highlight. This is perfect for when you put on minimal eyeshadow but really want your eyes to pop. 

Simple/Minimal Eye + Bold Lip

Fall is not Fall until you pull out all of your bold lipsticks!

I’ve really been loving bold lips with minimal eye makeup, specially stain-like bold lips. 

+++ All photos were found on pinterest. 


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