Product Review #001: Marc Jacobs Airblush

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Welcome to the first post of my new product review series.

This series will include a product review of anything that I’m currently testing out. I usually do monthly reviews on my youtube channel where I sit down & talk about EVERYTHING that I’ve been loving in the month, from clothing pieces to TV shows but this will solely highlight just one or maybe two products that I’m trying out and loving, since I’m able to really go in-depth here as opposed to having to condense my reviews for a bunch of products.

The first product is the Airblush by Marc Jacobs. When I first tried this blush I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because the color threw me off a little bit. I am not the biggest fan of very pink-toned blushes & at first glance this blush is very pink but once I applied it I couldn’t put it down for the entire month, the more & more I used it the more I liked it.

Formula-wise I really enjoy blushes that are perfectly pigment, when I say “perfectly-pigmented” I mean not EXTREMELY pigmented to a point where it shows up way too harshly or not pigmented at all, it’s just right.

What I mostly like about this blush is that it sort of makes you look flushed.. It doesn’t just look like I slapped on a pink blush, it looks like my natural rosy cheeks when I’ve been out in the sun the whole day & because of this it gives you the prettiest healthy look.


This product was sent to me to test out but I’m not getting paid to talk about it & my opinions are my own.


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