Europe Trip part 2 Athens & Santorini

Here are the second half of the pictures from our Europe trip ( refer to previous post for part one). This one includes Athens & Santorini. I still can’t believe places like this exist.

Out of the 5 places we visited I have to say my favorites were definitely Venice and Santorini, they are the types of places where ever single corner makes for a beautiful picture and no matter how many pictures you take, none of them truly do them any justice. To every person that has asked me how my trip went, I quickly replied, do not die without visiting Venice or Santorini.

I want to go back to Santorini for a longer period of time, one day is really not enough, let alone a couple of hours like we had, since we went on a cruise. However, I do recommend cruises if you’re visiting Europe for the first time and want to visit several places in one trip, especially places along the mediterranean. It was truly a great time, many times my boyfriend & I said to one another ” is this real?, are we really here?!” there really are some breath-taking places in this world & I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to visit some of them.










    • November 7, 2016 / 10:14 pm

      That is so lovely! Yes, Greece truly is magical. Kyiv looks beautiful as well! Hope you enjoy your time there, I'm sure you will.

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