I won’t say it

I’m going to try really hard to refrain from saying the same thing I always say every time I write a post after months of not posting… so lets just move on shall we…

Last Wednesday, December 9th, was the last day of my little life as an undergrad! *crowd cheers wildly so I have to stand up and settle the crowd down as I am not finished speaking*…  It feels so good to say that. I am free,  for a little while at least. I will have more time to adventure and work on new little things, and make new goals or accomplish existing ones and finally turn the page in this very long chapter in my life and move on to the next. 

I am excited, scared, happy and sad all at the same time and the mixture of those feelings is surprisingly not bad. I worked my ass off to graduate at the top of my class and I did (well I will, tomorrow), that isn’t the easiest thing to do with a major in biological sciences but it was done & I’m freaking proud of it. 

Sure, this is just a milestone but it is an accomplishment non-the-less and I have met many people, established new relationships, and made tons of memories. I have learned to work hard, stay focused, struggle, win some, lose some and I have definitely grown in the passed 4 and a half years. 

I have a lot of issues/complains about the school system in this country compared to other places in which you can achieve a graduate degree in the same amount of time it takes us to get a damn bachelors but it is what it is and I do think it is something you should do if you have the opportunity to do so. 

With that said, no I do not believe you NEED to go to college to be successful, the ability to achieve success starts and ends with YOU, you can have 15 degrees and be unsuccessful, a degree is not what defines you, the ability to work hard at something and not give up does. 

Work hard at something, whatever it is,  kill it, move on & repeat but most importantly make sure you’re happy doing whatever it is you decide to do.

This isn’t the finish line nor do I intend to stop till I get there but it feels good to hit this significant mark. 

*drops mic & walks away*

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