Spring Cleaning

Springggg is coming and I don’t know what that means for you
but for me it means it’s almost my birthday. But
aside from turning 22 and all that jazz it is also a month for getting rid of
things and starting fresh (spring cleaning, I guess). Every year around this
time I clean out my closet and either donate or sell clothes that I no longer
wear. After doing this for a while now I’ve realized that it is pointless to
follow crazy trends and have chosen to gravitate toward a more classic/timeless
wardrobe. I’ve also realized that quality is important and it is smarter to invest
in timeless pieces that will last you a long time as opposed to cheaper clothes
that will only sustain a couple of washes. Here is a list of things that I
believe any wardrobe should have at all times, “the staples.” (Just the clothes
because we don’t want to be here all day.)

  1. Plain white, black & grey t-shirt.
  2. A pair of dark blue jeans, a pair
    of light blue jeans, and a pair of black jeans.
  3. Some kind of leather accent, idc
    if this is considered a trend or not, leather stays. Be it a jacket, skirt, leggings,
    a shirt; leather will make any outfit.
  4. White, black or nude evening blouse.
  5. Any form fitting dress.
  6. Jean jacket or jean button-down
  7. A pair of Jeans shorts.
  8. Cashmere sweater.
  9. Black skirt.
  10. Black capri pant.
  11. A wool coat. 


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  1. April 12, 2014 / 9:17 pm

    okay, so i am completely in love with you closet. i agree. its better quality than quantity. can you please write more about your style? outfits and much more? im so looking forward to reading new posts in your blog!

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