15 Random things I love

Saw that AfterDRK posted this on
her blog and I thought it was a cute idea so I figured I’d do one as well.


  1. Watching a marathon of recorded
    shows with my boyfriend because we don’t have enough time to watch them all
    within a week when they actually air. Aside from that I really don’t watch much
  2. Dogs, I love dogs and I have
    instant connections with other people who love dogs as well, its weird.
  3. Cooking breakfast. I don’t really
    know my way around the kitchen as much as I’d like but I promise you I can make
    you a mean breakfast.
  4. Stationary. Idk what it is but
    ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with stationary. Even as a kid I
    would literally rather buy a bunch of pens and a journal than a Barbie any day.
    But who likes barbies anyway? Soooo pointless
  5. Basics. I cannot tell you how many
    times I walk into stores that have millions of nice things and head straight to
    the plain t-shirt rack, it’s a problem.
  6. Me time. If there is anything in
    this world that I don’t ever want to lack is time to myself. Humans, in
    general, are just not my thing… I’m joking. But I really do enjoy spending time
    by myself. Sometimes silence is necessary.
  7. Periods between school exams where my brain rests for several days.
  8. Lights and shadows. Don’t know
    what it is about the way light enters a room but I’ve just really learned how
    to appreciate it.
  9. All things Nike, sucker for that
    damn swoosh.
  10.  Walls. Nice looking walls.
  11.  Working out & coming up with new training
  12.  White tulips.
  13. Sitting down and doing my makeup.
    I don’t usually wear full-blown makeup I just do it for outings but I seriously
    think I look forward to getting ready more than I do the actual outing
    sometimes. It probably sounds strange (like the rest of this list) but it
    seriously calms me, its almost therapeutic.
  14.  Adventures, anything spontaneous that involves
    new places.
  15.  High ceilings, architecture & large


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