Lighting is key

Been getting several photography related questions about my IG pictures & I figured I should just answer them here. I am by no means & in no way a professional photographer I simply take pictures casually & find it entertaining. With any hobby it is easier for one to learn and become ” better ” at it since it is something that you consider fun, when you enjoy something it is much easier to learn, I’ve noticed. I myself have learned little tricks here and there that have improved the pictures that I take and since everyone keeps asking I might as well answer in a bit more depth. 

Lighting: You may have the creme de la creme of all cameras but if you are not using good lighting there is a slim chance you are using your cameras full potential. Whatever camera you use, whether it be your iPhone or the most expensive camera on the market do yourself a favor and become friends with a window. Obviously everyone has different styles and not everyone enjoys bright or naturally lit pictures which is perfectly fine but If you are looking for crisp, bright pictures that also have depth you need some natural lighting. Some people are gifted as shit & can mimic natural lighting with studio lighting but I haven’t learned to do that yet ( I want to learn) thus, I’m sticking to natural lighting for now. I promise the overall quality of your pictures will improve. Also, the lighting will do all of the work for you, you wont need to put layer upon layer of filters and make your picture look grainy.

Perspective: Use your creativity and capture angles that flatter whatever it is that you are photographing. Don’t just point at something and take a picture, climb on top of a freaking chair if you have to or bend your knees a little. 

Editing: Although lighting does do most of the job for you, there is nothing wrong with a little editing. For blog pictures I mostly use VSCO film for Lightroom 5 and for my iPhone pictures I use good ol’ VSCOCAM as well as snapseed occasionally. Play around with the settings and adjust it to your liking. Also, keep in mind that less is more <3

Hope this helps & if there are ever any other questions don’t be afraid to ask xx



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