2013 Favorites

It was pretty hard to sum up a collection of things that I really enjoyed throughout the year that wouldn’t take up an entire page but here are some of the things that stood out to me the most.

1. Best freaking traveling makeup bag I have ever purchased. It is from Sephora HERE and has compartments for everything, sure it’s big but it is perfect if you aren’t home very often and have a horrible tendency to overpack, like myself. On a day to day basis I use the elf $8 signature bag found HERE.

2. Armani Eyes to Kill mascara: I can honestly say I have tried ALOT of mascaras in my little lifetime but this has got to be one of, if not the best, mascara I have ever tried along with another one I’ll talk about in #7.

3. Bite beauty lipstick: Tried this brand of lipstick this year & fell in love. If you have a problem with dry lips like myself these lipsticks are perfect, they are super pigmented & moisturizing.

4. MAC pro longwear concealer: I don’t even know what the hell I was doing before I found this concealer, how I lived without it for so long is beyond me. If you have dark circles or are just looking to brighten your under eyes for occasions or for everyday I guarantee you will become obsessed with this,  It doesn’t settle into any lines or look cakey, it’s just greatness. Although you can wear this every day I still prefer to wear my Maybelline Instant age Rewind concealer on a day to day basis just because it’s a little easier to apply & I just prefer saving this one for occasions.

5. L’oreal Linear Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner in carbon black (mouth full): Favorite liquid eyeliner, period. This will not smudge on you, it won’t flake, it doesn’t look shiny (which I prefer) and best of all it is so easy to apply.

6. Christian Dior creme De Rose lip balm: Love this stuff, as I said before I suffer from dry lips and try to condition them as often as possible but with this stuff I find myself having to apply less throughout the day and it makes your lips look plump and pretty.

7. Clinique Lash Power Extension mascara: The wand and the actual mascara don’t look like much but the formula in this little guy is amazing and it really does do what it claims to do. This isn’t exactly a dramatic looking mascara but it will separate and lengthen the crap out of your lashes which I enjoy on a day to day.

8. Urban Decays Naked Basics Palette: Every neutral color you need in a palette. I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday or barely for that matter, but when I do I really enjoy this palette for subtle matte looks.

9. Giorgio Armani Silk creme foundation: I will be honest & say that I just recently got this foundation but I couldn’t omit from including it on here because I KNOW it will remain my favorite. I don’t wear foundation everyday but when I do I look for three things in one (especially when it’s as expensive as this one) 1. can be worn during the day or at night, 2. photographs well, 3. doesn’t make me look like a cake. This foundation does all of that & much more. If you haven’t tried this & are looking to invest in a good foundation I would 100% recommend this. I can’t say enough good things about it.

10. Steve madden black leather “NOLAND” boots: These guys have really held up and gotten considerably better looking the more I’ve worn them, I love them and have worn them almost every day this year.

11. Rewind candle from west elm: Love the scent as well as the look of these candles & will repurchase as soon as It burns out.

12. Glam Glow super mud face mask: Found HERE. I wash my face ever day twice a day and exfoliate once a day with a Clarasonic mia but nothing makes my skin look the way it looks after using this mask. I use it once a week and apply a thin layer, the mud dries up and literally sucks anything that needs to be sucked out of my face (I’m so good at explaining things -.-). On top of what it actually does, it’s honestly fun to apply.

13. My little faceted airplant vase & airplant: Found HERE. Easiest & cutest plants to care for. And this little vase is the most adorable thing. Random but I love it.

14. J crew denim shirt: I love denim shirts and this is the most well-made one that I have purchased, feels like raw denim and will last me forever.

15. Zara city bag with pocket: Wear this bag every day & will probably wear it every day until I find something similar in another color lol. Fits a lot for being small and the length is perfect.

16. Madewell sweater: I talked myself out of buying a ridiculously priced cashmere sweater this season and decided to go for one that was fairly priced at Madewell. Although it isn’t “cashmere”it looks exactly the same and serves it’s purpose & I love it, perfect for wearing collard shirts underneath.

17. J brand “Maria” high waisted jeans:  ( I’m about to preach ) Favorite jeans ever purchased. Have them in three colors because they are just so perfect, the fit is amazing and they are high but not extremely hipster high, they are great to tuck shirts into or to wear with shirts that have an awkward length if you’re tall like myself. They are also great to wear regularly with longer shirts, point is, they are versatile as hell and when you spend a decent amount of money on jeans you want to be able to wear them with everything which is why I never take them off. I would prefer investing in jeans that will last me a really long time and look good every time I wear them as opposed to jeans that stretch after one wear and need to be washed constantly in order for them to regain their form.


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  1. April 12, 2014 / 9:15 pm

    you have such a good taste.. so simple and elegant. i love it, eta exactly the style I love..! i am a fan of your blog and your instagram!

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